Woman in Action – International Women’s Day 2017

Woman in Action

St. Kitts Woman in Action

Lorna R. Warner of St Kitts has been involved in the fishing industry for many years. As a youth growing up, Lorna lived very near to the sea and was always on the lookout for fishers to come in to shore with their catch. One of her fondest memories growing up was rushing to the seaside whenever there was a fishing vessel sailing in. Ms. Warner and others would assist the fishers in pulling up their boats; in return they would get fish for their efforts. This sparked her interest in the industry.

Many years ago, Ms. Warner and son, a fisherman himself, were in business together before she started at the Basseterre Fisheries Complex in St. Kitts in 2004. He would go out and get the fish and she would process and sell them. Lorna also owned a food service business where fish was one of the main dishes on the menu.

In 2004, Ms. Warner gained employment at the Basseterre Fisheries Complex in the post of Supervisor. Some of her duties include receiving fish, processing and preparing fish for sale as well as filling in for the sales clerk whenever necessary. One of her areas of expertise is filleting fish. During her time at the complex, Ms. Warner has been to the numerous workshops that train, equip and qualify her to execute her duties at her workplace as well as in the industry

Ms. Warner joined the National Fisherfolk Organization (NFO) of St. Kitts and Nevis from its inception in 2008; she currently holds the post of President. The NFO consists of at least two members from each Fishers Cooperative around the Island. She is also an active member and the Treasurer of the Dieppe Bay Fisherman’s Cooperative located in the village in which she resides.

Lorna said that she would like to see more women being open to, and involved in, the fishing industry in St. Kitts and Nevis. She hopes that women will view the industry in a different light as opposed to being a man’s hobby. It is a wish and dream of hers for women to realize that fishing is more than just going out to sea and coming back with whatever is caught, if lucky; but rather they get to know that it is a lucrative business. Her desire is that somehow the message can get across to women of the two-island federation that fishing is no longer a mediocre profession. Ms. Warner indicated that she would like to see more women taking advantage of what the fishing industry has to offer, she would like to see more women at workshops and more women going to training sessions. It would make her happy to witness more women moving away from stereotyping the industry, but instead embracing it. She wants more women to stand proudly and say I AM A FISHERWOMAN!

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