Visionaries of Change: International Women’s Day 2017

Visionaries of Change

Fish is what Amanda knows best thanks to her grandfather who earned a living as a fisherman in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  For the past sixteen years, Ms. Amanda Guy tirelessly worked as a fish vendor. 

Fortunately for Guy, she cannot complain about her pay being different from any other vendor at the Agriculture Input Warehouse Fish Market based on gender.  In fact, when speaking about gender she boasted that of the twenty plus vendors at this market, the majority are women.  Her common-law husband, a fisher, commented that “vendors get even more pay than fishers.”  The couple also operate a small shop in the community which provides a secondary source of income for their family.

Guy has never been a member of an organisation, however, she believes that a vendor’s association will be formed very soon in response to the new management and market regulations.  She strongly believes that this will be an opportunity for “women to take the lead and step up.”  Guy asserted that she wants to see women leading, she further stated that “men always want to control and they always want to put themselves forward; however, us women could do the same work and become leaders also.” She also believes that there should be capacity development for women to increase women’s participation in governance.

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