Getting dirty in Tarcoles, Costa Rica

Through a fisher women’s exchange to Costa Rica, ladies from Barbados, Belize, Grenada and Saint Kitts & Nevis shared ideas of innovation and gender equity.  During the 18th -22nd July 2017 five Caribbean and three Costa Rican women were labeled the “Ocho Caracolas” which means in English “Eight Conch Shells”.  Three cases were closely examined the first being a trip to CoopeTarcoles.

This cooperative on the pacific side of Costa Rica was formed in the 80’s with the main objective to eliminate the middlemen.  Of the 5000-people living in this community 45 are fishers, of the 45 fishers 8 are women.

Lorna Warner of Saint Kitts and Nevis especially was comfortable working in the cooperative at the four stations -the administrative office, the market, the processing area and working the traceability equipment.  She noted that the cooperative kept its own fisheries data and use this information to defend the need for the Marine Area for Responsible Fishing.  She thanked CoopeSolidar, CERMES, CNFO, INCOPESCA, and FAO for organising such a wonderful useful learning experience.

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