Come Mr. Tally man, Tally mi Banana.

On 20th July 2017, fishers came together for the final destination- Cahuita National Park.  On this Caribbean side, the delegation interacted and related with the afro community of Costa Rica in Limon.

In 1970 the state without consulting the people of Cahuita declared a national Monument.  The community defended their land and waters.  For 47 years the people fought and in 2017 the community and the government now share the governance of the National Park.  The fishers including women spoke about the progress they are making in accessing the Marine Protected Area of Cahuita.

The ladies hope to continue to work with women in fisheries and is setting up a whatsapp group. If you are from a CNFO member country interested in sharing on the gender topic via whatsapp you may join the conversation at 501-624-5364.

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