Caribbean Fisherfolk Attention on Biodiversity

Sustainable Ocean Intiative Capacity Building Workshop

[San Jose, Costa Rica, February 20-24, 2017] The workshop strengthened the capacity of countries in the region to conserve and sustainably use the marine and coastal biodiversity in order to achieve the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals. The CNFO was happy for the opportunity to participate at this training because fishers should be involved in all areas including the management of the natural resources that they rely upon for their livelihood.  Relevant policymakers, managers and scientists in the region were involved in the training.  Find out more about the SOI Capacity Building Workshop and have meaningful participation and involvement in what is happening. 

A regional fisherfolk organisation, such as the CNFO can play a critical role in fisheries governance.  The CNFO needs to build capacity and expand its human resources for engagement, if it wishes to take advantage of opportunities to participate in governance.”- Joslyn LeeQuay, Public Relations Officer, CNFO

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