Aims & Objectives

The general overarching aim of CNFO is to improve the livelihoods of Caribbean fishers and fishing communities, while promoting the sustainable use of marine resources, and contribute to food and nutrition security, and economic and social developments.

The three areas of strategic focus from which the aims and objectives are developed include:

  • Capacity building
  • Policy advocacy
  • Policy engagement

CNFO’s objectives include:

  • Promoting and supporting the development of fisherfolk organisations, particularly national fisherfolk organisations.
  • Developing the capacity and knowledge base of its membership to manage successful fisheries operations, and to participate in sustainable fisheries governance and management at all levels and in all areas, including from local to global and from policy to practice.
  • Promoting mutually beneficial partnerships with other entities, that seek to promote the interests of small-scale fishers.
  • Actively advocating for the interests of fishers and their organisations.
  • Representing the views, interests, concerns and positions of Caribbean small-scale fishers in relevant fora.
  • Promoting the ecosystem approach to fisheries.
  • Building resilience and adaptive capacity of fishers, fisherfolk organisations and fishing communities to deal with the likely impacts of climate change and disasters.
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